Crazy Blocks Red Cross Quilt

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1940 - 1945

Candian Red Cross quilt made from 16 craz patchwork blocks of various printed cottons, backed witha stripey flannel sheet. The quilt still has it's original Canadian Red Cross Label intact. It was originally given to Mrs D. M. Bennett by the WRVS when she was bombed out of her home in Bromley, Kent.

Thousands of quilts were sent over from the Canadian Red Cross Society to Britain in the Second World War to aid the War relief. They were given to families that had been bombed out of their houses as well as members of the armed forces, hospitals and hostels. Quilts were made quickly and were often utilitarian in style, and the crazy block was one of the most popular styles as any size and colour of fabric scrap could be used. Each quilt had a small label sewn on which read 'Gift of the Candian Red Cross Society'. The women who made the quilt remain anonymous, as it was forbidden for them to put their names to the quilts they made. Hand machined pieced, and hand quilted.

164cm x 174cm

Crazy Blocks Red Cross Quilt