Crazy Patchwork Mug

Published: Monday, 28th January 2013 11:03 AM

Among the gorgeous quilts on display at the moment in our Town and Country exhibition you will find this little gem, a crazy patchwork coverlet dated 1886. It has been beautifully kept, the colours in the velvet are rich and deep and the embroidery is fascinating. If you look carefully you can see the makers initials RR are unfinished - possibly this piece was for her bottom drawer and sadly the marriage never took place. The coverlet is filled with hints of her life - a kite, a cricket bat, baskets, flowers, a fish, a house, anchors anda croquet set to name but a few.

We love this coverlet so much we just had to make something that you could take home to enjoy it too, and what better way than to enjoy it over a cup of tea on our latest mug design.

If you cancome to York before 11th May too see for yourself you won't be disappointed, but if not you can still enjoy a cup of tea with us as the mug is available in out online shop. Visit

Crazy Patchwork MugCrazy Patchwork Mug

Crazy Patchwork Coverlet c1886Crazy Patchwork Coverlet c1886