'York 800 - A Celebration'

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Linda Barlow

A pictoral celebration of famous characters who are a part of the city of York’s rich history. The artist was keen portray York as a vibrant and colourful city, and believes that what makes a city is the people that live within it. The people who feature in the quilt are:

King John - on his way back to London after selling York for £200 and three palfreys. The horses are none too happy to be leaving their home and sob all the way, their tears flowing into the river Ouse.

George Hudson - “the railway king”, brought the railways to York but fraud and bribery charges left him shunned by polite society. He is only able to watch the celebrations from a distance.

Guy Fawkes - in charge of pyrotechnics later in the evening.

Dick Turpin - bit of a sore throat but glad to be at the party.

Thomas Cooke - representing Victorian science and philosophy, trying out one of his latest telescopes.

Dame Judi Dench - dancing with the.....

Tobacco Indian - and both having a splendid time.

The Printers Devil - somehow got hold of the keys and freed himself from his chains and his usual residence in Stonegate.

Shed 7 - reinvented themselves as a carnival band and providing sterling musical entertainment.

Minerva - bit bored with being responsible for wisdom and drama in High Petergate for the last couple of hundred years, she’s having a good stretch and a yawn and getting ready to join the party.

Margaret Clitherow - soon to be martyred for her catholic faith.

Two protestant sergeants - tasked with crushing Margaret to death.

Ghostly Roman Soldiers - as seen by Harry Martingale, and here, having just discovered Pimms at the pop-up Bettys.

Bettys waitresses - unfortunately being distracted from their duties by the soldiers.

This quilt is one of two commissioned quilts by The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles for the ‘Quilt City’ project, a specially funded quilt trail across the city of York as part of the 800th anniversary celebrations.

'York 800 -  A Celebration'