Jubilee Quilt

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Mills, Mrs

The Jubilee Quilt is a beautifully embellished piece of work sewn by Mrs. Mills of Crook, near Durham in 1887 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. It is made from velvets and silks in a frame design with log cabin style chrysanthemums in the centre(known as the ‘Golden Flower’ to celebrate a golden jubilee). The quilt has been meticulously embroidered throughout all of the design and the fans along the edge border are elaborately embellished with flowers, animals and figures that include fashionable ladies, children playing with toys and Queen Victoria’s profile in the centre of the corner flowers. The quilt was given to Thomas Machell, Landlord to Ann and Thomas Mills in lieu of rent. Thomas was a Tailor and Draper and it is thought that the quilt was created from surplus fabrics, possibly for an exhibition, which would have added to its value as a decorative piece of patchwork.

Sumptuous fabrics such as velvets and silks were very popular in patchwork at this time. These expensive fabrics were shown off in patchworked furnishing covers and throws in the parlour to indicate the wealth and status of the household.

204cm x 202cm

Jubilee Quilt