Silk Triangles Coverlet

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Dennis Cann Family
1850 - 1900

Silk triangles coverlet with a lace frill border. The coverlet was originally four times the size of this remaining piece, and it is believed that it was cut down and a frill added on later to make it useful as a decorative parlour piece. It is thought to have been made by Mary Dennis Cann or one of her daughters.

Mary, a farmer's daughter from Devonshire, married Richard Cann in 1828 and they had six daughters; Annie, Jane, Elizabeth, Fanny, Mary and Margaret, and one son, John. Unfortunately, Richard died of Typhoid Fever in 1842, leaving Mary and her children no choice but to leave their farm and move to Hartland village where they ran a drapers and grocery shop. Mary stayed running the shop for the next 50 years before her death at the age of 92 in 1891.

This quilt is one of five in the Collection from the Dennis/Cann family, and it is presumed that the other four quilts were made by Mary and/or her daughters, four of whom remained at home and helped Mary run the shop. Two of the quilts are cot quilts, presumably made for Charles Tottenham, the son of the only daughter that married.

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100cm x 128cm

Silk Triangles Coverlet