Thirties Log Cabin Coverlet

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1930 - 1939

This colourful Log Cabin patchwork was made during the 1930s, and uses strips of various dress and furnishing fabrics to create the light and dark tones needed for the Log Cabin block. The fabrics feature lots of different printed designs, including some charming children’s prints.

In this particular Log Cabin, the blocks have been sewn by hand, joined together and the seams opened and flattened on the back. The seam allowance has been sewn down with a herringbone stitch. Often an extra backing is added to cover the seams.

The log cabin block is very versatile, and different arrangements of the individual blocks change the overall coverlet pattern. This coverlet groups the light and dark tones together in large diamonds, known as Sunshine and Shadow.

Thirties Log Cabin Coverlet