Pink Boat (Dry Dock)

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Jo Budd

The quilt is constructed with a backing canvas, overlaid with pieced and collaged procion dyed silk and cotton, and pigment dyed viyella and cotton. The surface has then been further embellished with partial overlays of re-used chiffon scarves and pigment dyed nylon net. Some of the overlaid fabrics have been attached using bondaweb. The quilt has been free machine quilted with two shades of nylon thread - dark and transparent. The label on the reverse reads '"Dry Dock" Jo Budd '88'.

Inspiration for this piece came from a boat in dry dock awaiting painting and covered in dazzling patinated markings, produced by grinding down through layers of paint, and reminiscent of the abstract expressionist paintings of Pollock and Rothko. Jo Budd was interested in balancing these abstract formal qualities with the ‘super-realism’ of the 3D effects of light on the boat’s rounded ‘belly’ and precise dark portholes, so that the piece could be read on two levels.

This piece was purchased in 2009 with assistance from the Art Fund and V&A/MLA Purchase Grant.

Pink Boat (Dry Dock)