Contemporary Collection

The Quilt Museum and Gallery is the permanent home for the collection, ensuring both Guild members and the public have the opportunity to view items from the collection, on either a group visit or as an individual for detailed personal study.

Items from the 20th century

The 20th century collection held by the Guild reflects the use of patchwork and quilting for smaller domestic items and in clothing such as bed jackets and dressing gowns. Much more is known about the makers of patchwork and quilted items in this century and we have work by Irene Morgan and Amy Emms as well as the quilt historian Averil Colby.

Contemporary Makers

The Guild is proactively collecting the work of contemporary makers and additions to the collection  which in 2009 included pieces by Jo Budd, Michelle Walker, Laura Kemshell and Sara Impey.

Please note we are currently adding to our online catalogue of contemporary pieces. Below is a sample of some pieces from our Contemporary Collection.

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